Tuesday, July 24, 2007

He can't really think we're this stupid, can he?

I just read an article that said our Imperious Leader George Dubya has stated that Al-qaeda in Iraq poses a direct threat to the United States, and that is a justification for why we're at war in Iraq. Is that not the most circutous and asinine argument any of us has ever heard?

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is only a threat because we invaded Iraq, and our presence there has led directly to the rise of insurgency and terrorists using Iraq. Al-Qaeda was not in Iraq before we went there...at least not in large numbers. In truth, there were probably fewer members there than there were in the US at that time.

If we're going to follow this guy's flawed logic, then there can only be one solution...we have to invade the United States! Follow me on this. The United States is directly responsible for giving rise to an increase in terrorism world wide. The United States has been the one to implement policies that foster terrorism both over seas and here in the Mother Land...sorry, Home Land...er, whatever the hell we're supposed to call this place. Therefore, the United States is a threat to the United States, and we have to protect oursleves against any and all terrorist threats worldwide...

Does anyone really think we're going to survive another 18 months with these morons destroying our country?

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