Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let's go to Mars

Since I was nine or ten, I've been passionate about Mars. More than any other body in the universe, it's always been Mars that's held my attention. For any of you that have read my fiction, that's probably pretty obvious, since Mars is a setting for many of my stories.

Using the ideas set forth by Robert Zubrin, we can go to Mars...not in twenty years, but now. With the money we spend in a day or two on the War on Terror, we could fund a crewed mission to Mars...a mission that would stay there for more than a year.

I don't know if the Science Channel will be showing Mars Underground again any time soon, but if they do, you should definitely watch it. For those of you who might be interested in a more detailed explanation of Zubrin's plan, I would strongly recommend his book The Case for Mars. This book has influenced not only my own writing, but many of the bigger hard science fiction writers out there.

There's no reason for us not to go, so let's do it!


Marva said...

Hey, I'll go. Dang it, they won't take us J. We're both too old.

Have you read Red Thunder by John Varley? How to build a spaceship in your own back yard.

Or, Red Lightning, about a boy whose father manages the swankiest hotel on Mars. Also by John Varley.

J Erwine said...

Hold on there! I'm not too old. I'm only 37...that makes me younger than a lot of the astronauts...