Monday, May 07, 2007

It's becoming clear

I think I'm starting to realize that if I want a job that I can use my writing and editing skills at, I'm going to have to go back and finish my second degree. The other option would be to get a lot of professional credits, but school would probably be easier and take less time. Still, even with professional credits, I probably wouldn't have much of a chance because they'd be in science fiction, and that's just looked down on...

Maybe it would be a good idea for me to just settle for a crappy job for the next few months, and then start taking classes. Not really sure what I'm going to do, but I suppose this is an option I should consider.

In general, I don't hate the idea of going back to school, but I do hate the fact that I'd have to have a minor, even though I already have a BA. If you ask me, it's just the school's attempt at trying to get more money out of me.

Decisions, I have to get back to work...


Keith said...

Another alternative to a second BA is a masters degree. You could get an MBA with the same effort as a BA and it might cost less. I would also suggest an MS in computer science. If I can get one, anyone can. You wouldn't have to do it in programming. It could be management or communications. You are already webmaster of a fairly complex site so you might find it easier than you think.

You might look into online courses. They are generally cheaper and a whole lot more convenient.

This summer I am taking the intro course at Swinburne in their masters of astronomy course. This is for personal enjoyment only, though and I am not sure that it would ever lead to a job.

Keith said...

I just checked, Colorado State has a second degree program for as little as 30 credits. You could do that in a year easily, even at night. It might not be bad, although Journalism might be more useful than English. English is for teachers, journalism might apply better towards publishing.

One job you can try for is teaching a creative writing course in Science Fiction at the local community college or adult extension. I will only pay a few hundred dollars, but it's good for the ego. I did this for harmonica and it was a hoot.

Spencer said...

if it regards journalism at CSU, why don't you email Mimi Thompson? she's got a degree in technical journalism from there and may be able to help you brainstorm.

Marva said...

Hey, grab whatever education you can while you can still use it. I've dallied with going back for an MA, but I'd be near death's door when I finished.

As Keith suggests, Journalism would be a good choice for you.

Jim Shannon said...

Hi J

I went to

They list your recent book at $64

Am I reading this right?

J Erwine said...

The more I think about it, the more I think it's a bad, work, writing, editing...something would have to give, and that would probably be the writing and editing. That doesn't seem like a good idea, but it's something that could still be an option.

Jim-That's somebody selling a used copy, and obviously trying to make a HUGE profit. I can't imagine anyone paying that much for one of my books. should have it listed soon...I'm not really sure what the hold up is, but I'm putting pressure on them.

Jim Shannon said...

Ok, just checking. I’ve never bought anything online before, Unless somebody is totally brain dead or smoked too much crack I don’t see anyone paying that price for a new book.

I thought it was a typo