Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love the post office

Last Monday I ordered some things on-line, and they shipped via priority mail on Thursday. Here we are, a week later, and I still don't have my order...and all the tracking tells me is that the post office has received the shipping information.

Now, what makes this really pathetic is that the order was for stamps placed with the post office. It should not take more than a week for a priority package from the post office to get here.

I suppose if it's not with tomorrow's mail, I'll have to start raising that really does any good with government employees...


Marva said...

Okay, J, we'll go round-n-round on that govmint worker crack. I spent fourteen years with the State of Oregon and I never saw such a hard-working and conscientious bunch of people.

J Erwine said...

They must have been an exception. ;-)