Monday, April 23, 2007

Yet another sale

After a period of drought, I'm suddenly having a pretty good run on sales of late. My short story "Hunted" will appear in the March 2008 issue of Tales of the Talisman. This will be my second appearance in Tales of the Talisman. My first story, "The Ancient Ones," appeared in the March 2006 issue. Before ToT was born, Dave Summers had a magazine called Hadrosaur Tales, and I had a story in issue 20, which was the last issue. Hadrosaur was a great little digest magazine, but I really love the look of Tales. It's a full-sized glossy zine with amazing artwork from Laura Givens.

Now I'd better get to writing some more short stories because I'm starting to run out...


Marva said...

WTG! I haven't subbed to TofT. Maybe I should get on it.


J Erwine said...

You definitely should. They're one of the best small press zines out there!