Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And now for something completely different...

I had been considering another post about what happened at VT, especially in light of the fact that science fiction author Michael Bishop's son was among the victims, but instead, I've decided to do something a little lighter. I'll let the darkness inhabiting my soul right now come out in my fiction instead.

I rarely talk about other writer's works on here, but I decided I would make a brief mention of Tyree Campbell's new novel The Dog at the Foot of the Bed. I'm not going to do a review or anything...I rarely read reviews, and it's even more rare that I actually write them. If memory serves, I've only written one during my career.

For a very brief time, I was trying to start a literary agency, which was a very bad idea since I hate marketing my own stuff...why would I want to do it for someone else? Simply put, James Baker had asked me to, and it was always very hard to say no to him. So, Dog was one of the books I was trying to sell. I didn't have any luck, but it wasn't because the book is bad (it's actually great), but more because I was a bad agent...that's why I got out of the business.

From the back cover: Sixteen years ago the Shannen children were attacked and their home was destroyed. The oldest...twins Ovin and Siobhan...barely managed to whisk their siblings away to the safety of a remote planet. Seeking revenge for the attack, Ovin became a hired assassin, while Siobhan entered corporate security service to bring about law and order...and to bring Ovin to justice.

Now someone is trying to kill the Shannens again. And another threat has surface: a terrible new weapon is cracking planets open like nuts and destroying them...a weapon that could be used on the Shannens' new home. Ovin has to find out who is behind these murderous projects and stop them...but in order to find out who, he first has to discover why...and he's going to need Siobhan's help to do it.

But if he succeeds, he could lose his twin forever.

"Campbell's novel is a guessing game that will keep you wrong-footed until the last page."-Edward Cox, UK reviewer.

From me, this is a great book, and you should really read it...sure, it's not profound, but who cares?

If you'd like to order a copy, you can order it from The Genre Mall.

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