Sunday, March 25, 2007

A new sale

I just received word that my story "Skeleton of the Onondaga" will appear in the April/May issue of AlienSkin Magazine. This is kind of a surprise to me because this story is a horror story...the only one I've ever written. I'm starting to think that it helps to branch out as a writer, considering that the last two stories I've sold were not science fiction.

The sale of this story illustrates something that I often tell people. Writing isn't always just about talent. Perseverance plays a big role in the success of a writer. There are a lot talented writers that give up because this can be a very discouraging field. And then there are other writers who write well, but might not be gifted...they just keep typing away, learning by all of their mistakes, and then eventually start selling. So, if you're a new writer, and you have at least some talent, keep at it!!!

I wrote this story many, many, many years ago, and it's been revised, locked away, pulled back out, buried in peet...sorry, got distracted...Hitchhiker's Guide took over for a minute. Anyway, this story was accepted on its 20th submission. Yeah, I'm stubborn.

I still don't think it's one of my best stories, but obviously somebody liked it. I've sent them other stories, that I thought were better, and they've rejected them. It just shows you that editing is a lot about never get discouraged by rejection.


Anonymous said...

Muddy Waters wrote that some guitar players are born. Some are built with sticks and nails, and he was the second type. If you didn't stick with it and learn how to do it and then try over and over until you got better at it, then what would it be worth when you finally succeeded?

Marva said...

20 subs! Awesome. I thought I was pushing the envelope with ten subs on a single story.

Technical aspects of writing always improve over time. The ideas only come to those with true talent. What if this and what if that don't occur to many people.

J Erwine said...

It's hard to imagine that people just don't come up with ideas. Everything I look at comes out as a "What if..." Granted, almost all of them would make horrible stories, but still I can't help but think that way.

I'm also the guy who watches people and tries to figure out what their stories are...some people probably think I'm some kind of psycho stalker...but no, I'm a writer. The question is, which is worse?