Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm a publisher now?

For the last few weeks I've been trying to help the owners of Nomadic Delirium Press figure out a way to keep the place going. It's not that they were losing money, but they weren't making as much money as they'd hoped to. It's small one gets rich off of this stuff.

So, in a last ditch effort to save the company, I bought them out. Yeah, that's right, as if my life were not already crazy enough, I've opted to become a publisher. What the hell was I thinking???

The first thing I did was get a domain name. They've been on Geocities, and I absolutely hate that site. Pop-ups, as well as spam, are the banes of humanity! The site can now be found at I just set it up this morning, so it's possible that the domain name hasn't propagated across the Internet, so the link might not work for a couple of days. I'll be making some changes to their site, but the basics of what NDP is are there.

I'm not sure what the definite plans are for the future, but I'm thinking we're going to re-release a novel from James Baker, and then I think we'll also be opening to submissions for two more novels, and probably another themed anthology....but no matter what, NDP will go on!

Unless I end up in an asylum...


Jim Shannon said...

Hi J

Other published authors have their own line of books why not you? Your work history with Sam Dots seems a perfect fit but wont there be a conflict of interest between you and Dots now?

BTW, nothing wrong with the small press. Be proud of what you do. I think the small press is the heart and soul of literary science fiction.

I'd still like to order one of your books. Am wondering if I can oder direct from you since I don't have a credit card? My website is hosted in Germany and I have recently had an excellent experience with Western Union. I';; be more then happy to pay s/h charges into Canada.

email me off list when you have the time please for details
Thanks (Pardon typos)


Spencer said... are high ;) best of luck w/ nomadic...hope the venture generates enough to keep you out of youknowwhere. i've been thinking of selling photographic items on i just saw all their Maya stuff and much of it is Aztec and of poor quality. i figure out of 5000 slides, i've got to have better stuff!

glad to hear that the 2nd book signing was better attended. i totally spaced it, sorry. and i was in such a mood for some famous!!!

btw, i did find that symbol of salvation demo (w/ all dave prichard) cd that i burned. we'll have to get together soon!

J Erwine said...

Jim-I've never even thought about Western Union, but I suppose that would work. Now I would just have to figure out where there's WU branch within walking distance...

I know that if you have a checking account, you can order through Amazon.

I'll drop you a line some time in the next couple of days with info...

J Erwine said...

Spencer-I wasn't expecting you at the signing...I thought you were still in Belize, plus you really don't read much fiction, but it would have been cool if you'd been there. There were a few more people there than there were at the first signing. Still, some Famous would have been good!

You definitely should try to sell some of your pics...they're amazing.

As far as Nomadic, it won't keep me out of the work force, but everything will keep me out of "that" place. I certainly wouldn't mind working for Brad again, since he was one in a million, but I could never go back into a store...I think I'd have to throw myself on to I-25 first!

The whole thing with Nomadic seems like destiny. I asked the old owners where they came up with the name, and it came from a song called "Nervous Man." It was meant to be!

Spencer said...

oh man...that is fateful! of course, you were already delirious in the first place ;) you should remit that story to the saint website...long before you die! ha! you never know what kind of lit they may read...anything to sell copies!