Monday, March 26, 2007


Rarely do I comment on TV shows, mostly because I rarely watch TV. In fact, Battle Star Galactica is the only show that I can say that I actually watch every week. The big question is...why? I have such ambivalent feelings about this show, and last night's season finale left me feeling even more ambivalent.

I won't post what happened just in case there are people here who are planning on watching the episode at some future date, and I don't want to spoil what happens.

So, why do I watch this show? The characters are some of the most screwed up bitter people you could ever meet...which is a good reason for me to like them. Although I liked Star Trek, I often thought the characters were a little too much of the goody goody type, and they always resolved their problems with little damage to who they were as characters. BSG characters don't do that. They're all screwed up, and they continue to screw up, sometimes never learning from their mistakes. Although a few of them did get some interesting lessons about who they were last night!!!

There are also some interesting plot twists that make the show interesting, but this also can cause them problems. With the way they twisted the plot lines last night, they're going to have to really pull something out of their hats in season 4 to make it work, or the show is going to fall flat.

What I don't like about the show is that the drama often borders on melodrama. The writers often go for quick emotional solutions to problems that don't come across as believable, or even worse give away more than they really want to.

So, I love the show, I hate the show, I really can't decide. I do know, however, that when the 4th season starts in 2008, I'm still going to be watching...but they're really going to need to impress me if they want to keep me as a viewer...


Marva said...

I have problems with shows that have continued storylines. I chose not to start with BSG and now I'd be so far behind I'd never catch up. I kind of regret not starting it, but I'm also relieved I'm not a captive on whatever night and time it's shown.

Not that I'm not hooked on Lost and I picked up on Heroes after several episodes. Maybe I should try BSG after all.

J Erwine said...

I love continued story lines. I still think Babylon 5 was the best SF series ever on TV, and it followed a complete story arc for the full five seasons.

Shaun Farrell said...

Hi J.,

I agree with you about long story arcs. They make shows so much richer, and it's something you can't get from film. Great episodic dramas that tell large stories are the best equivalent we can get to novels on the screen.

I disagree with you, however, about BSG's usage of quick, emotional resolutions. Many times in the show, an apparent resolution turns out not to be a resolution at all. For example, how many times are Lee and Adama going to fight, then love, then fight, then love? But that is how real people react. Another example: Starbuck and Anders both loving each other while dealing with incredible emotions of anger, betrayal, perhaps hatred. That's not simple at all.

Keep wathing in season 4. I have faith that Ron will make a believer out of you, or maybe I will! Great blog!

J Erwine said...

Shaun-Thanks for dropping by again.

Actually, I was saying that Star Trek characters were the ones with the quick and simple resolutions. I don't think any of the BSG characters have ever resolved anything...they're just major screw ups that do everything they can to screw up again...that's one of the main reasons that I keep watching the show...