Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Any gamers out there?

I've been a gamer for about 30 years now...as in role playing games, not video games. I started out with Dungeons & Dragons, and then later I got into Traveller and Shadowrun. Now, one of my friends and I are in the process of designing a science fiction role playing game.

So, I wanted to ask anyone that might happen to drop by here if there was anything they would really like to see in a new SF RPG, or if there is anything that they think has been overdone, or should never be done in the first place.

We have quite a few ideas, but since we aren't going to be the ones buying the game, we'd like to hear what others have to say...


Jim Shannon said...

Funny you should ask.

I’ve been a gamer all my life. I play very little video games. I initially cut my teeth playing Avlon Hill war games back in 1966. All throughout the 1970’s when I probably should have been more serious about my writing I was gaming. I played SPI war games, after that Advanced Squad leader. I think there is an ASL club in Denver btw. When we had “Adventure gaming supplies” (a local game store) here in the early 1990’s the boys were heavily into the best Sci fi game of (imo) all time Steve Jackon’s Star Fleet Battles. You might have heard about it. SFB was so rich and so detailed it still holds my interest and imagination today. I don’t know if it’s available anymore. SFB was turn based played on a hex map with metal ship models and cardboard counters. We used to play it for hours.

Yeah, I’m a gamer. What do you want to know? :-)

J Erwine said...

I'm mostly wondering what people would want to see in a new game, and what they think has been done to death.

This is going to be a character based game, like Traveller or Shadowrun.

Jim Shannon said...

I played a lot of D&D mostly non computer. It sounds like you want to take one of your books and turn it into a game type format. If so then it's your Universe so you can do what you like.

I haven't played the games you mentioned so I have no idea how a SF style role playing game would work. But if it's going to be something like the 2 you mentioned and you want to insert your own Universe into it, then a good idea might be to go down to your local game store and see what's popular there. See if people at the store playing those games would like to be a game tester.

I recall how this was being done for an in house game system at "Adventures" here. If the game system play tested properly and received a lot of interest maybe the store might sponsor it if it's popular and of course if the store has in house gaming.

Same thing fielding questions about what has been done to death. You might want to go down to your local game store and especially if they have in house gaming and ask around there.

Of course you might have allready considered this but its just my 2 cents worh on the topic