Monday, October 30, 2006

MileHiCon Update 1-Friday

Now that I've had a little bit of a chance to rest up, I'll start the update with Friday...hopefully I'll have pictures up later tonight, but they didn't turn out all that well, so I'm not too thrilled about that.

The day became an adventure even before we got to the con. Driving down I-25, there was an accident two lanes over from us between a pickup and a van. Had either of them been spinning a little more, they probably would have smacked into the cars next to us, and pushed us into the dividing was that close!

Once at the Con, I met Sam's Dot's Tyree Campbell for the very first time (hard to believe!) We chatted for a while before I had to do my first and only panel, "Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas." I was on the panel with Rebecca Bates (who I'd just published in Ecotastrophe), veteran writer Cynthia Felice, and Con toastmaster Mark Ferrari. The topic isn't all that good of one since basically writers get their ideas from just about everywhere, but we did the best we could with it.

For 4:00 on a Friday, we actually had a pretty good crowd, and I think we entertained pretty well, and hopefully we even educated some people. There were some great questions, and we had such a diverse group of panelists that we proabably could have answered anything that was thrown at us.

At 5:00, I had a reading in the room next door. I was scheduled with Gary Jonas, who I had only met on MySpace (sad, I know,) and we actually had a pretty good turn out for two "lesser" known writers. I read my usual torture scene from Opium of the People, and Gary read something that was a little lighter and more fun. We both read short excerpts and spent the rest of the hour chatting with the audience...and again I think we had a pretty good time.

At 6:00 it was back to the first room I was in for Tyree's first panel..."I Just Started Publishing...Now What?" Tyree was on the panel with Carrie Vaughn, A.C. Ellis, Thea, Hutchenson, Greg Hyde, and Jeanne Stein. Things were a little disorganized, but they managed to get some good info out.

At 7:00, yeah it was a busy day, it was off to opening ceremonies, which are just a chance to get your name mentioned so that everyone can see who's there. As always, any publicity is good publicity.

At 8:00 it was off to Autograph Alley...or sit on my ass and watch everyone down at the Guest of Honor tables. Several people stopped by to chat...but no sales.

At 9:00 it was off to Networking in the Bar, which is always the highlight of the weekend. Most of the authors congregate and just sit around and talk about writing. Just a few of the authors I talked to for a little while that night: Ed Bryant, Wil McCarthy, Cynthia Felice, Dave Summers, Dave Riley, Rebecca Bates, Glenn Lewis Gillette, Thea Hutchenson, David Boop, Rick Friesen, and others. I probably spelled some of those names wrong...and I apologize.

After that it was off to the parties, which were kind of lame that night. Of course, we also had a fire alarm and my friend lost his keys.

That was basically it for that day...

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