Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've finished the first draft

I've just finished the rough draft of my new novel. This has been a work in progress for a long time. It started out as a novel, but after the first chapter, it stalled out.

I then turned that first chapter into a short story which appeared in Alternate Realities and then was later released as an illustrated chapbook by Sam's Dot. The cover of that chapbook is pictured here. You can order copies from The Genre Mall by clicking on the link above.

Eventually, I wrote the second chapter, but it died again after that. So, I went back and re-wroked the second chapter into a short story which eventually sold to Hadrosaur Tales. It's in issue 20, which is also available from The Genre Mall in the zines section.

Nothing happened for years after that. Once I left Grubway, I started working on the book that doesn't want to get written...and it still doesn't, so I pulled this one out, and it all came together. I added another 40,000 words, and we now have a rough draft.

It will take quite a bit of re-working because some things did change mid-stream, but that's ok...the first draft is always the hardest for me...

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E.Jim Shannon said...

J... Nice going. I'm at 45k of this novel. 10K/week is my goal.