Monday, August 21, 2006

I feel dirty

Writers have to do a lot of different things to try to sell books...sometimes those things aren't always pleasant. In that vain, I now have a MySpace site. I've always hated MySpace...I still think it's a plague upon the Internet, but if I can sell books, then by god, I'm going to do it!!!

If I actually have any success with this, I'll let you know becuase I know there are a few of you out there with books to sell.

For now, I think I'll go take a shower...

1 comment:

Keith said...

I put a web page up at myspace that points to some of my sites. I did it just to get the links. Links are very important for positioning on google, and all good things come from google.
I have since seen the websites of kids I know, and I am not sure it was a good idea.
I saw no way to back out of myspace and now my employer has the site blocked anyway.
I don't know how google ranks a link out out myspace. Google might ignore myspace - I don't remember ever having google refer me to a myspace site.