Thursday, July 20, 2006


Obviously not having to do the day to day grind has been very good for my writing. I've just finished the final draft on the third story I've written since leaving Grubway. That almost matches my productivity for all of last year. Granted, I did spend a lot of my writing time last year (what there was of it) working on the novel that doesn't want to get written.

Perhaps some time soon, I will get back to that, or maybe I'll work on another idea I have. Only time will tell, but the important thing is that I'm now writing every day, whereas when I was at the hellhole job, I was happy if I wrote once a week.

Funny thing is, it's kind of like a drug. I'm sure the other writers who visit this blog understand, but when you go without writing, it's like a part of you, usually the best part of you is dead...and that's not a good feeling...but the "fix" of printing up a new that's powerful!!!

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