Friday, April 21, 2006

Cat site

I often visit Keith Graham's blog ( and he loves to post pictures of his cats. I don't take a lot of pictures, so there are only a few photos of the demon that lives with me...but I found this site, and just couldn't stop laughing.

I especially liked Doppler...


Keith said...

Thanks for the mention. All my sites (all 35 of them) are down at the moment. My account with the hosting company got cancelled due to excess resource usage. I get hundreds of thousands of page views per day on my harmonica sites and I blew the server limits.

I am trying to move the sites, but I am afraid I may be losing some data. The current company won't let me back online to retrieve it.

I also host sites for several spec fic zines, blues music sites and friend's blogs. All are crashed until I can get this fixed or moved.


Keith said...

My sites are back up. It cost me $35 reactivation fee. I've been robbed!

Anyway, J. Where are the pictures of your cat????????

J Erwine said...

If you go to the pictures section on my website, there's one picture of her...trying to look innocent.