Sunday, December 04, 2005

The novel that doesn't want to get written

I've now come to the harsh realization that this novel I've been working on just is not working. Where it started, where it is now, and where I see it going just don't seem to blend together into any kind of cohesive whole. Hell, at this point, I'm not even sure they're part of the same book (exaggerating, but there are some definite problems.)

I'm now faced with the sad task of either plodding through to the end, and hoping that something comes out of it that I can edit into an actual book, or starting the whole damn thing over again.

And writing's fun, right? I think I heard someone say that once...........excuse me, I need to find that person...we need to have a long talk...................


scott vee said...

Hi J,

Tag, you're it!

I just posted an outrageous description of the Chargers game on my blog. And you probably thought I was in a coffeeshop with a notepad, behaving myself. ;-)

I've been sending out hordes of stuff, will get poems to you soon. Cathy & Tyree are just such sticklers, and Cathy's email mangles my poems every time ...


= scott

J Erwine said...

I read your post, sounds like an interesting game. I'm not a football fan (although I was glad to see the Broncos lose,) and I hate crowds, so I try to avoid those types of places.

I'm not much of a stickler, and my e-mail program is nice to poems...probably because it's not free.

Keith said...

W. Somerset Maugham reportedly once said, "There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately no one knows what they are."

I was writing a nice little novella, got to about 18,000 words and now I have no idea how to get by a hump in the middle. I've written the last two chapters and all I need is these two hard chapters and the rest should just write itself.

I suppose that if it was easy everyone would do it. Wait! Everyone I know IS doing it.


J Erwine said...

I think the first rule of writing the novel is "Drink Heavily!!!"

Not really, but sometimes it sounds like a damn good idea.

It always amazes me how many non-writers think it is easy. So many people have told me how they could write a novel if they just had the them I say, "I dare you." None of them ever take me up on that dare.

scott vee said...

I agree. And I can vouch for the same thing in filmmaking. Yeah, they're easy to watch, but it can take grueling weeks of preparation, performance and technical olympics.

All we can do is plow forward. That's not a snow joke, either.

Curtis said...

Spend the advance yet?

Don't worry, do your best, hold your head high, and submit it!

I'm just kidding, I know you're doing this because of your passion for writing and it needs to meet your standards.