Friday, November 11, 2005

Let's hear it for rational thought

A couple of years ago, the board of education in Dover, PA added intelligent design to the science curriculum, and has sparked controversy throughout this country as people have tried to get intelligent design into the science classrooms in other areas, even though it's been shown repeatedly that the "science" of intelligent design is bad science.

In Tuesday's elections, rational thought finally had its say as all but one member of the board of education was voted out and a new board dedicated to science as science was elected. Pat Robertson may be saying that the town will feel God's wrath, but the truth is that intelligent design is just plain bad science, and thus does not belong in a science classroom. If Darwin's theory is ever overturned, then it shouldn't be taught as science either. This wasn't a debate of religion from the scientists' perspective, but rather a defense of science.

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Keith said...

I saw that recently the Vatican released a statement that they do not belive that genesis is literaly true. They said that the bible was never meant to be a scientific text. The lesson of Genesis is that the universe was created by God. It is not a scientific theory on the specific way that this was accomplished.
I think that these Intelligent Design weirdos are a fringe element that somehow came to power when the religeous right bought and paid for the Rebublican party.