Friday, October 28, 2005


Again, this is part of the MileHiCon posts, so if you want this to make more sense, scan down to the entry marked "MileHiCon First Post," and the scroll up from there.

I had a book signing scheduled for 5 on Saturday, and it was pretty boring. I basically spent most of it talking to Alyse, Adam, Dawn, and Nina (from WhoElse Books.) A few people stopped by, including one who was more interested in Alyse than in my books...he disappeared quickly when he realized who Adam was.

I did sell one book, but that was to Dawn. I think maybe she felt like she had to buy something because she'd been picking my brain for a sociology paper she was doing. She didn't need to feel obligated...I was enjoying the conversations, but a sale is a sale is a sale, right?

After the signing, we hit the bar! Not to get drunk, but for more questions and answers for her sociology paper. Lots of fun.

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