Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The bar

Friday night we had a little get together in the bar at the hotel...writers networking, you might say. Normally I'm very shy in these kinds of situations, but I basically decided "screw it," and grabbed a chair and butted right in at a full table. I ended up sitting between James Van Pelt (who many of you should know) and Rick Friesen (who many of you probably don't know.) From there people shifted around and we talked about everything you would expect...and more.

This, to me, is the highlight of the Con, as you get to meet a lot of different people and everyone is always so nice...whether they've never published anything in their lives, or even if they're guest of honor Alan Dean Foster (he was there too, although I never managed to make it over to his table.)

If you want to get to know writers, I've learned, you want to hang out in the bar!!!

This was also when I had a sociology grad student start to pick my brain...but more on that later...

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