Monday, October 24, 2005

Autograph Alley

MileHiCon started out for me with Autograph Alley. They basically put as many authors together as they can in the dealers room and in the hallway outside. For me, this meant that I was in a hallway...farthest from the dealers room, and in a corner. We didn't see too much traffic, but I did get a chance to catch up with Mike Brotherton, who I had met last year, and I also met Michael L. Wentz, who has a new YA SF book out that sounded interesting, but I'm afraid it's not quite my thing.

I had one fan tell me that he had checked my latest collection out of his school library to do a book report on, which I found to be very interesting, since the book has only been out about two months, and I'm quite sure it's not in any libraries yet.

I also had a storm trooper ask me about my first collection. You meet all kinds at the Cons.

The three of us had some great conversation, and none of us signed a book for the entire hour and a half that we were there...but that's a Friday night at a Con...most people seem to spend their money on Sundays.

More later.......

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