Thursday, October 27, 2005

Alien Archaeology panel

I've realized that with the way these are posted, each new posting might not make sense. This is still part of the MileHiCon postings. If you haven't read the earlier ones, or if you just want this to make more sense, scroll down to the posting called "MileHiCon First Post," and then start reading up...

This panel was an interesting one. I had the idea that it was going to be us discussing what alien archaeology might look like, how we would excavate it, should we excavate it, etc. I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, we were given "artifacts" and asked to explain their purposes.

This panel included guest of honor, David Drake, and a couple of improv guys that I was totally unprepared for, and of course, Laura Givens as moderator. If you've never met Laura, you need to, it's quite the experience (and I mean that in a good way.......sort of.)

There were six of us, and I guess we were grouped perfectly...the two improv guys together, two intellectuals together and myself and the only woman on the panel looking like a couple of deer in headlights.

The discussions quickly deteriorated into double, then triple, and finally quadruple entendres...well, not got raunchy fast, and the Bush bashing was great (placing those two concepts in the same sentence might give people the wrong idea, I suppose.)

It ended up being revealed that I'd had an affair with my fellow archaeologist on one of our digs (with the female archaeologist, I should add.) And we played that up as much as we could...even the next day we were still at it, and yes, this is where Laura really embarassed me...caught me completely off guard, in fact.

The highlight, next to the brain sucking gun from the planet Bushonia had to be the device that allowed you to project scenes from a movie. One guy throwing himself on the table doing a full impersonation of the alien-stomach scene from Alien. Words can't do it had to be there. My friend Alyse was there, and I don't think she'll ever forget that....

More later...

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