Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Timing is Everything

Apparently, the worst time to release a book is at the same time as one of the largest natural catastrophes to ever hit our country comes along. As the cliche goes, "timing is everything."

Sales of the new book have been slow, but this seems to be true for a lot of books. I've noticed a definite decline in sales at The Genre Mall on all titles, and other eidtors and publishers have said that they're taking it on the chin with this are most industries in America.

As for myself, I think I'd much rather read than continue to watch the heart-breaking images from Katrina...and we may be seeing more of the same when Rita hits.

And I definitely know that I'm throwing a brick through the TV the next time "W" comes on. Reading a good book...or even a bad book, is definitely better than having to listen to him try to talk.


the blonde one. said...

oh..write something interesting..will you?!

J Erwine said...

Sorry this isn't one of your bizzaro Live Journals, but as you, of all people, can probably imagine, most of my thoughts lately center around a certain little hellhole where we're both indentured servants.

Interesting? I haven't written a damn thing since getting back from CopperCon, mostly because of the above mentioned hellhole.